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     Name of the product : VITASONIX  SKIN CARE

Price : upon request

     Manufacturer : MEDIATRONIC S.A.

Designation : Micro-dermabrasion

     Type : VIT300 L.

New Concept of
Micro abrasion Sapphire

VITASONIX is a concept of care bioesthetics exclusive no invasive, including/understanding multiple associated functions to guarantee immediate spectacular results.




Body - Polyskin




No projection of microcrystals






A new technique which makes it possible to reduce the cutaneous inesthetisms gradually and gives again with the skin youth and freshness by associating the microdermabrasion and the cosmetic phyto.

The action is based on a progressive peeling carried out by abrasive particles of sapphire fixed at an oscillating support, which tends to make disappear delicately and uniformly the surface defects from the skin, this thanks to an extremely fine gumming "peeling" carried out with each micro abrasion  VITASONIX.

The microdermabrasion exerts 4 types of effects :

  • A direct action of smoothing of the skin by eliminating the residues from dead cells.

  • The release of a light hyperhemy on treated surface (skin dew) will make it possible to obtain immediately, and the days which follow, an excellent penetration of the products of care with a greater effectiveness.

  • The being refined skin,derme by reaction will thicken offering a toning up of the skin.

  • Lastly,  an in-depth cleaning  associated a dynamic  massage (pressure diffusion)  which  allows D intensive oxygenation of the skin, carrying out a blow of glare as of the first meeting.

The microdermabrasion SAPPHIRE by abrasive friction of the skin is painless, of a pleasant use and in full safety.

If there is certainly a spectacular effect as of the first meeting of care, it should well be understood  that it is a total cure which will give the awaited result.

A cure is done over 3 weeks, at a rate of a meeting per week, renewable after 6 to 8 weeks.

Hardening of the skin

Small scars face and body

Wrinkles and ridules

Thick skin and dilated pores

Scars of acne


Stretch marks    


Pigmentary tasks


In institute, the use of VITASONIX in the treatment of the face and other zones replaces practically the conventional peeling. The quality of the results of it is the proof and the saving of time is not negligible.



MICRO ABRASION by abrasive SAPPHIRE which effleure with precision skin. Thanks to this process of the abrasive head sapphire with movement pendular, an abrasion can be carried out on all types of skins "fragile, couperosée, acneic etc...," without danger and risk of hématome!
 (* Technical SWITZERLAND developed by MEDIATRONIC SA)
 PHOTO STIMULATION by the red monochromic light 630nm, stimulative of cellular regeneration and production of collagen, having healing capacities and disinfectants.


LYMPHO DRAINAGE by the slow displacement of the device alternate pressure "mechanic-puncture", activates interstitial and lymphatic circulation and stimulates the chemical reactions bio skin.


Active PHYTO products specific to broad properties of actions of cellular regeneration, used during the meeting micro abrasion and after in intensive nutritive maintenance and day laborer of the skin.


PHOTO STIMULATION "AZURE" Bio electronic device of luminotherapie monochromic blue associated with a micro current and the specific products phyto active, potentialisator of the vitality of the skin. Particularly effective for the care of acnes and certain irritations of the skin.

Face treatment and neck

(hardening of the skin, anti-wrinkle, scars of acne, Blackheads, blotches).

  • To clean surface well to be treated with purifying foam.

  • To apply a light layer of Freezing PHYTOSCAN VITASONIX ARD to the parts to be treated.

  • To proceed to the microdermabrasion with VITASONIX, complete face during 10 minutes.

  • After the treatment, to wipe with a wet sponge and to apply a new layer of Freezing PHYTOSCAN ARD to the face, to make the reversion of the head sapphire, striated white side, to carry out the massage treatment by moving every 3 seconds the head massage on all the part.

  • To wipe well with a wet sponge and to finish by applying fluid PHYTOSCAN - VITASONIX.

  • To pass pen PHYTO H.F. during 10 minutes.

  • To apply to residence 1 time per day FLUID VITASONIX the evening to the treated parts.

  • To make a cure of 3 meetings, separated by one week. Then new series of 3 meetings after 3 weeks. The evolution of the treatment is determined by the aesthetician.

Scars treatment and stretch marks

To clean surface well to be treated with purifying foam.

To apply a light layer of Freezing PHYTOSCAN or specific  Freezing C-V 100 Scar Stretch marks to the parts to be treated.

To carry out the micro abrasion with VITASONIX.

For these treatments, to use to it micro abrasion beyond surfaces to be treated to stimulate the regenerating cells which will make disappear the small scars and stretch marks.

After the treatment, to wipe with a wet sponge and to apply a new layer of Freezing C-V 100, to make the reversion of the head sapphire, striated white side, to proceed to the massage treatment by moving every 3 seconds the head massage on all the part to be treated.

To pass pen  PHYTO H.F.
To finish, apply fluid VITASONIX C-V to the treated parts.

To apply to residence. 1 time per day FLUID "C-V" Scar - Stretch marks the evening on the treated parts.

The duration of the treatment is tributary of the number of point to treat, for a band (scar), as an indication, of 10 cm it is necessary to count 3 minutes of work microdermabrasion and PHYTO H.F. included.

For the treatment of the stretch marks of a surface of 10 X 30 cm (belly), one count approximately 5 minutes of microdermabrasion and 10 minutes of Phyto H.F.

For this kind of treatment, it is necessary to proceed to series of 3 meetings: one per week and to start again a series of 3 meetings after 3 weeks, if necessary to continue series of 3 meetings. For a good quality of care, 6 to 9 meetings can be sufficient.

Treatment of the pigmentary tasks (hyper and/or hypopigmentation):

Even proceeded that other treatments, to use Freezing PHYTOSCAN VITASONIX TP100.

Treatment of the blotches

Even proceeded that other treatments, to use Freezing PHYTOSCAN CR100 Couperstop and the FLUID CR Couperstop.

Acne treatment and Blackheads

Even proceeded that the other treatments but abrasion will be done at low abrasive speed, to use Freezing PHYTOSCAN VITASONIX AC 100 Acne/Blackheads and the FLUID AC Acne/Blackheads.

The success of the treatments is on the one hand tributary of VITASONIX and on the other hand of the operator and the care recommended to residence.



*** Concept of exclusive care bio aesthetic ***
*** Of the immediate spectacular results ***

An example of results 1 to 3 meetings



 3 meetings - 55 years


 1 meeting - 50 years


 1 meeting - 60 years


 1 meeting - 45 years


 1 meeting - 45 years


1 meeting - 75 years



What the microdermabrasion peeling ?

The microdermabrasion consists in eliminating on the face and the body the residues from died cells, the skins corneas to obtain a stimulation and a tissue regeneration of the skin and to thus stimulate a good oxygenation of the skin.


Principle of operation VITASONIX®

Contrary to the conventional methods of projection of microcrystals of aluminium hydroxide on the skin by aspiration suction combined or proceeded to rotary abrasive discs, VITASONIX causes an abrasive sapphire, adjustable in intensity and comparable friction with a soft massage of the treated zones. This new new method makes it possible to carry out a micro abrasion uniform, without danger and painless.

For reasons of hygiene, each customer will have her own head of dermo abrasion (end TAM 100, average TAM 70, strong TAM 50) to the choice and the treatment, which must be sterilized with the M10 ultrasounds after each use.

Price complete face treatment between Fr.80. - to 120. - "CHF"(30 min.)

Price scars treatments, stretch marks and others: Fr.2. - to 3. - the minute (indicative price)

Products for cabin treatments:

Gel Anti-Wrinkles 260 ml.
Gel Scars / Strechmark 100 ml.
Gel Acne / Blackheads 100 ml.
Gel Age spot 100 ml.
Gel Blotchiness 100 ml.

Do not forget to recommend to your customers the products under mentioned for the residence treatment.

Products for residence treatments :

Gel Post Anti-Wrinkles-17ml.
Gel Post Scars / Strechmark 17 ml.
Gel Post Acne / Blackheads 17 ml.
Gel Post Age Spot 17 ml.
Gel Post Blotchiness 17 ml.

Organisation Mondiale de la propriété INTELLECTUELLE

N° de la demande internationale : EP00811254.2  PCT/IB01/02665
N° de publication internationale WO 02/053046



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